Windows 7 Tweaks – Desktop Cascade Context Menu Custom

In the Earlier version, there is only one folder for the Applications. The New updated version solves it by adding many folders for the Application Links. This is Not Good for Some Game Links that need to start from same installed folder.

The UI of Desktop Context Menu Custom
How to Add a Program to Desktop Context Menu:
  1. Click on Browse Application Button
  2. Choose the File that you want to add to Desktop Context.
  3. Click Apply Changes, Done.
Desktop Context Menu Advanced:

  1. Select A Windows Feature to Add
  2. Click Apply Changes
  3. Save Changes, Done.
Remove Desktop Context Menu items

  1. Select The Item to Remove
  2. Click Remove and Confirm.

Desktop Cascade Context Menu
Create a new Cascade menu

To create a new Desktop Cascade menu,
  1. Click Add Cascade Context Menu Tab
  2. Click Create A New Cascade Menu
  3. Give the Cascade Display Name, Position, and Icon if you have
  4. Extended menu, it will hide the folder when user right clicks on desktop normally and shows up the cascade menu when user right clicks desktop with shift key pressed.
  5. Click Create Menu, Ok to confirm and undo for Cancel.
To Add a Program To New Cascade Context Menu
To Add a Program to New Custom Cascade Context Menu
  1. Select the Cascade Menu
  2. Browse the Program file to Add
  3. Change Name or Icon of the Application to Display in Context Menu
  4. Apply Changes.

To Reorder the Custom Cascade Context Menu
  1. Select the Cascade Menu
  2. Select the Program and change the index
  3. Click Save Changes, Done.
To Change/Edit the Custom Cascade Menu
  1. Change the settings as you required.
  2. Click Apply changes to save the Changes.
To remove The Custom Cascade Context Menu
  1. Select the Cascade Name
  2. Click remove Menu
  3. The Cascade menu is not able to delete when there are items in it.
  4. Click the Remove button to remove the applications
It will take you to the option for removing Programs in the cascade menu

Select the cascade to remove items and Click Remove and Confirm.
New Cascade Menu Removed.


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