W7Tweaks - Grant Admin Full Control

W7Tweaks - Grant Admin Full Control, the application which helps user to take administrator control over file system management in Windows 7 and other some older windows versions which also ensure greater security and reliability of Windows operating systems.

It will grant ownership and full control permissions to TrustedInstaller and has special restricted permissions to all other users, including administrators. The file system management in windows 7 and vista is controlled by Trusted Installer (TrustedInstaller.exe).

It takes all the ownership in the file management, the functions such as enable installation, removal and modification of Windows Updates and optional system components.

Therefore any user even the administrator can’t change the file system. For tweaking the file system or replace or rename you need to take ownership of a file and grant full control permission before make partial or minor changes to those files otherwise it will denied your action.

W7Tweaks - Grant Admin Full Control is the solution for this file permission issues. Grant Admin Full Control is windows software to easily takeover controls on files or folders that have permission issues.

It will add a new option to your Windows Explorer Shell Context Menu when you click on the file or folder that you need to take administrator or user control.

W7Tweaks - Grant Admin Full Control software helps all users to take administrator control over an executable file and any other file formats to make it remove or move if that file's permission is corrupted and with its simple user interface, users can install this option very easily.

Grant Admin Full Control Requirements:
Dot Net Framework 2.0

Command Line Arguments:
"Grant Access.exe" /m for open as minimized
"Grant Access.exe" /e for Enable Windows Shell Context Menu
"Grant Access.exe" /d for Disable Windows Shell Context Menu

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