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Microsoft Windows made huge software update in history recently by making millions of PCs upgrading to Windows 10 operating system. While millions of PC were updating day by day, most of us trying to update windows powered tablets like iBall slide WQ32, Dell Venue 8 Pro, and more.

Most difficult part for iBall WQ32 tablet is drive space as it's a 16 GB SSD, windows took most of the space after installing all updates to Windows.

For x86 windows (32 bit) required only 16 GB of space and x64 requires 20 GB. For iBall WQ32 gets only around 9 GB with windows 8.1 installed leaving 1 to 2 GB of free space in c drive.

Removing recovery drive for space

To delete the drive, you need to unlock or disable BitLocker using PIN, which can be found from Bitlocker settings in windows control panel.

After unlocking the drive, assign a letter to recovery drive using windows virtual disk service.

To access goto, Control Panel Computer Management Disk Management. After Assigning letter to the drive, you can easily access the drive in windows explorer and copy install.wim with USB drive to somewhere safe.

Restoring from install.wim file

  • Required Installing tool from Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit
  • Copy install.wim to root of SD card and extracted ADK6x86 to SD card and copy DISM folder contents to where install.wim file is copied then insert into Tablet.
  • Turn on tablet and enter using another windows setup on UEFI bootable usb disk and select Repair your computer then choose Command Prompt
  • Type "Diskpart" at the command prompt, then press Enter
  • Type "list disk", then type, "select disk #" (# is disk number), then press Enter
  • Then type "clean", press enter
  • Then type, "create partition primary", then press enter
  • Then type "format fs=ntfs quick", press enter to format
  • Then type "active", press enter
  • Type "list volume", then type, "select volume #" (# is volume number), then press Enter
  • Then type "assign letter = C", press enter
  • Type "exit", press enter
  • Go to folder containing install.wim through command prompt
  • Type "imagex.exe /apply install.wim 1 X:/" (X is the drive letter, basically C:), Process will take up to 15 minutes
  • After successful copying, Type cd x86\BCDBoot, press enter
  • Type "bcdboot.exe x:\windows /s X: /f ALL" (x is windows drive C:)
Ignore any warnings and restart your tablet to get refreshed OEM Windows.

Windows Installation

For Installing Windows 10 requires minimum free space of 5.43 GB on c drive for tablet PCs with 16 GB. In this case iBall WQ32 might have only 2 GB free space, to get more free space on C: drive, you can make backup of install.wim (Recovery Image) file to any where else safe and delete the recovery drive.

Windows allows to use external drive having minimum of 9 GB free space for installing Windows 10 at the time of installation begins.

Updating through windows update, C: drive requires the requested amount of free space, otherwise Windows 10 Upgrade will end in failed after restarting PC.

You can upgrade windows using Media Creation Tool from Microsoft, download and choose Upgrade this PC.

Possible error while installing through Media creation tool is "Something Happened".

Solving "Something Happened"

  • Go to windows control panel
  • Open Region
  • Go to "Administrative" tab
  • Click on "Change system locale"
  • Select English (United States)
  • Click on "Copy Settings"
  • Check both check boxes "Welcome screen and system accounts" and "New user accounts"
  • Click OK.
  • Restart PC and try again.

iBall WQ32 will start to download (2.02 GB) and starts Upgrading to Windows 10.

After Upgrade you can clear old windows from Disk Clean Up to get more free space, you can make upto 4 GB on windows 10 as windows 10 using 4 GB space on c drive.

After upgrading to windows 10, you will have to install 32-bit Inter HD graphics driver (

iBall WQ32 Windows Tablet Windows 10 Driver Download

For Windows Tweaks : w7tweaksapp.com

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