Removing Other User login option in windows 7

Open regedit, Press Windows+R, Type regedit + enter key.

Navigate to [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList]

You will probably want to right-click on “ProfileList” and click export to save the entire subtree in case something goes wrong as Backup.

You will find several subfolders or “keys” named something like “S-1-x-xx…”, open them one at the time

Each should contain at least the three value-sets, “Flags”, “ProfileImagePath” and “State”, some will contain more

Look at the end of ProfileImagePath for the name of the user represented by the key

You will usually have one for each user on the system, and one for each of the three system entries ‘systemprofile’, ‘LocalService’ and ’NetworkService’

Delete any key (i.e. the whole “S-1-x-xx” folder) that does not contain at least those three values

Delete the Last Folder, which not having Registered user Names or the system Services.

It will restore Windows Logon to normal.

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